Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Avon is great little business either to make ends meet or as a full time occupation.

For me I am not a salesperson. I’m more of a “if you like it, buy it” kind of person. I hate the idea of being harassed to buy something let alone being the harasser. If you make people feel pressured about buying something off you, you can expect for your calls not to be returned or them choosing to buy through someone else.

Avon is not just about selling pretty cosmetics though. If you really want to make a go of it, your upline will suggest to you to get into sales leadership and build your own team. 

 Each time you recruit a certain amount of people into your team, Avon rewards you. ” If you are a confident and driven person, this might be just the ticket for you.

I had no interest in building a team  going and “prospecting” for team members in shopping centres. I just wanted something that gave me a bit of extra cash without too much effort.

I concentrated on getting sales and doing it in a way that was going to guarantee me continuous customer support. I started with one territory and then as I became more confident in how I wanted to conduct business took on a second.

Each campaign I sell around $500-$700 of Avon without any hard sell. I must be honest though the percentages of profit are not huge, hence why there is the pressure to get into sales leadership so your upline makes more money.
The profit  percentages of sales are as follows
$75-$214.99   15% 
$215-$724       25% 
$725+               35%

If I wanted to I could take on more territories but really I am happy doing the amount I currently am and am two campaigns away from reaching president’s club Steps to Success  which is where  if you sell $7500 worth of Avon in your first 12 campaigns you are invited to a Banquet Dinner  and get other perks such as being able to order twice in one  campaign and special discounts off products.

Here are  my TOP TIPS in making your Avon sales successful.

  • Take on a territory. Then take on more territories once you have established your routine of business

  •   In your first six campaigns drop to EVERY SINGLE PERSON in your territory. If someone doesn’t order over six campaigns they are probably not going to order and you can just buy enough books for your customers that have ordered before.

  • Make sure you pick up your books on the day you wrote on. There is no faster way to lose respect from customers than not picking up their order on time especially if they have written credit card details on it.
  • Try to keep a routine of book drop offs, pick ups and deliveries. Eg pick up Tuesdays.  Doing this will get your customers in a routine and means less knocking on doors for books not put out.
  •  Put something in your book on special. Write in a  black texta crossing off the original price and put MY PRICE ….$ it will appeal much more to your customer that you are just like them. You are building your relationship with them giving them “your” special

  •  Instead of returning stock either use them in a raffle for a minimum  spend 


  •  If something doesn’t arrive or is shorted, give an “I’m sorry” present. It doesn’t have to be expensive (think lip balm or deodorant) but it makes the customer think you care

  • Provide samples of products to customers with the deliveries. Try to get samples that are going to be on special in the following brochure

  • Every four to five campaigns, use your almost expired brochures to generate new customers. Put a note on it saying “I realize you have either not ordered before or have declined purchasing Avon but maybe your circumstances have changed. If you would like to place an order or start receiving the brochure please contact me otherwise feel free to discard this book.”

  •  Keep brochures handy on your coffee table when you have visitors. If you are busy with something they will likely flick through it and want something.

  • Be cheerful about returning or exchanging products people don’t want/like. A bad attitude will prevent future orders

  • Take notes on what your customers like and mark pages  when their favourite items come on special and also remember birthdays.

  • Customers love to know their Avon lady. If you have a baby take them with you! It makes the service much more personal.
  • Retirement centres are a gold mine. If you know someone in one pass them a book to leave around. Same as schools, offices etc.


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