Friday, 17 May 2013

Get paid as a Virtual sex worker-Is it for me?

Get paid as a Virtual sex worker-Is it for me?

A hot topic of last year was hearing about everyday women getting paid as either phone sex workers or virtual sex workers. Some were doing the job to make ends meet, while others had completely replaced their income!

Lots of arguments come to mind.
Is it cheating?
Is it safe?
How do they protect their children from  exposure?

Others arguing that it’s just a modern take on prostitution.

Well I’m intrigued, so I’m off to find out more.

Scrolling through the various pages after typing in a few key words, most of the content that comes up is well…pornographic.
I decided to go on to youtube and type in “make money as virtual sex worker.” BOOM Pay day

Up comes a video with a young American girl.No make up or bad hair extensions, just your average  girl, who begins to talk about the opportunity of working for the company as a “redlight girl.”
I must admit, her delivery is interesting. She refers to virtual sex as an “entertaining gaming experience with no real nudity”

Below the poster of the video has written a brief outline.
You can just type and use your avatar if you'd like, voice-chat and webcam are completely optional. If you do offer webcam shows it will be the real you, not your avatar. You can choose from different hair colors, styles, body shapes, etc. You won't be able to customize every little detail, but enough to make yourself look unique.”

Well sounds ok so far. I know that I would NEVER be one to do webcam shows, I’d leave that one to the professionals who want to have all other career prospects crash and burn.
Uni students take note: If you want a respected career eg doctor, lawyer  or even a famous actor etc DO NOT go putting your face on webcam on  a website like this. With today’s technology you can pretty much guarantee that one day it is going to bite you in the backside.

Ok well besides that I am almost sold. I’m not looking to go back in to the real workforce. I love being a mum, want to be a mum of more but we are going to need to some more cash to make that happen so I tell hubby about the potential plan and…. He laughs.
I ask if he thinks it’s cheating.
“No I don’t think so. It’s not real, it’s a source of income and your identity is protected. I think cheating is more about the intent than anything else. We talk about everything anyway.”

Ah where did I find such a catch? I click on the website link for more information.
I read through the content. Here it is in a nutshell.

  •  Newbies can expect to earn $10 an hour with text chat and avatar only or with voice chat and/ or webcam $20 an hour

  •  Experienced or those that become popular $20+ an hour or with a webcam up to $40 an hour

  • None of your personal information can be seen by the customer and is used only for registering
  • Your cost to work from the website is $20 a month which pays the running costs of website-no commissions are taken by the site

  • You have to download the software to use which will take time so if you have slow internet be prepared to wait.

  • You can design your own avatar

Well in conclusion $10 a hour isn’t much, minimal wage but getting up to $20 could be worthwhile. I’m putting this one on the back burner for a bit and see if it appeals in another month or two…

Want to check it out for yourself?


Anonymous said...

Sounds very interesting. With stay home moms today we want to help provide for our families and this is DEFINITELY a different way of doing it. As far as is it cheating? Kinda sorta, but not really. If I do it it will be for the money and hey I love playing games anyways, might actually help spice up the married sex life as well. I may try it out to see how it goes I will let you know if I do......

Anonymous said...

Did you try it? I'm really thinking about it as I'm a single mom and day care while i'm working is getting so problematic. I also want to go to to school but really wouldn't like any future employers to find out about and take judgement on it.