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What it takes to be have a career as an Ambulance Officer

Ambulance Officer

What attracted you to having a job as an ambulance officer?

For me it was to continue maintaining my medical knowledge and experience, but it is not necessary to have had any previous experience as all training will be provided for your basic training. If you decide to further your career in this service you can enter the degree course for paramedics
 What is a typical day?
There is no such thing as a typical day, as the tasks are many and varied. Eg just transporting someone from home or medical centre to an have an xray or cat scan to full blown vehicle accident , In the latter you Will get the opportunity to work and liase with Fire an police personnel
What has been your most challenging situation in this role?
I see every job as a challenge, because our role is to provide safety to ourselves as well as our patients,  and to take care of their injuries to the point that  A pain free experience is maintained.

Best thing about the job?
Meeting people from all walks of life and the camaraderie of working with other members of the crew

How do you mentally prepare for the downsides of the job such as loss of life, injured children, knowing the victim etc?
No one can fully prepare for this, nor can they not feel emotion, but we have to steel ourselves at the time in order to provide the ultimate care. We receive almost immediate support after the job First by a telephone contact from our peer support rep and follow ups   and the opportunity to debrief . This is a tremendous service provided by SAAS to their staff.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career as an ambulance officer?
Visit your local ambulance station and make an appointment to discuss what is involved in the training, sign up for the volunteer course ( Free) and get some pre career experience.

 What are the entry level courses?
CERT II/IV course to achieve Ambulance officer level

What are the career pathways?
Paramedic Extended care paramedic Intensive Care Para

What sort of personal attributes are needed?
People skills, a willingness to learn, and a high degree of confidentiality An ability to hold a current Drivers License

What sort of Hours are  involved?
Volunteer 30hrs per month Full time 0600-1800. Shift Work.
How can someone apply?
Contact any ambulance station Team Leader of Ambulance officer in your area Alternatively SAAS HR

How can someone improve their chances of gaining employment?
 A good police record, A willingness to learn
Do you need any special clearances, testing or requirements as a staff member?

Regular Police checks, drivers license check

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