Sunday, 23 June 2013

Want a career in Mining?

Lots of people want a career in the mining industry but it’s not always the easiest to get your foot in the door.   Find out how to get in with your best chance.


How long ago did you begin in mining, what attracted you and how did you get a job?
 I started in 2008 in Northern Territory as a contracted security guard looking for a career change. My boss asked me if I wanted to join the company as a process technician as they were training up fresh people to the industry. I accepted and did the training and enjoyed the versatility of the job with a similar roster to what I was doing already  and the money was great.

What sort of qualifications should someone get as a minimum requirement for their best chance of first time employment
 It depends on what area of mining you wish to get in to but the following qualifications  will give you broader employment prospects. None of them are cheap to get but are tax deductible once employed and are considered favourable by employers. Most mine sites in WA will not consider an applicant without an HR license. Women and indigenous are also encouraged to apply.

  • Heavy Rigid license
  • Forklift License
  • Safe work at Heights ticket
  • Elevated work Platform Ticket
  • White Card
  • Confined space ticket
  • Manual drivers license class C

 What sort of opportunities/career paths come from the mining industry
 Depending on the life of the mine there is  

  • Opportunity to climb the career ladder if you are willing to take on further training and responsibility.
  • The opportunity of travel both interstate and overseas
  • Competitive conditions can include paid relocation, healthcare, 12% superannuation, subsidized accommodation and more depending on the company.
What sort of hours are involved?
Always shift work  with a mix of day and night shifts unless have an  industry relevant degree. The job could also be a fly in fly out  position so there are extra hours there, however you are usually  financially compensated by a remote allowance. Shifts are generally 12 hours. 

What are the dangers associated with the industry

Mining positions generally carry  a  high risk of human error. Depending on your position you could be working with dangerous chemicals, confined spaces, heights and heavy machinery all
which carry an accident risk. It is important that if you enter this industry you have a strong safety focus and respect company safety policies and procedures and have a keen eye to detect safety issues.

What kind of positions are there? 

  • Trades like electrician, mechanic, plumbing etc
  • Hospitality
  • Degree positions such as engineering, diesel fitter, geology
  • Truck/heavy vehicles transport
  • Safety/Training Officers
  • Administration positions

 What advice do you you have for someone wanting to be successful in the mining industry?
Keep applying for every job you can.Mining is a competitive place to try and get employment so don't be afraid to start at the bottom. Have a good attitude and remember that safety is number one. Show respect to your team and supervisors as they can make or break your career. Never take shortcuts. Stay fit and healthy, and no drugs as job is usually physically demanding and regular medical and drug/alcohol tests are performed randomly. If you are a smoker be aware you may be unable to smoke at work  due to  recent health and safety policies. Do not limit yourself by looking for work in a particular state as many jobs require relocation or even to become residential of a particular state before applications will even be considered

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