Sunday, 30 June 2013

6 Ways to Make Some Extra Cash WITHOUT any special talent

1. Learner Driver Passenger

Got a bit of extra time and a full driver’s license? Use your time helping teens get their  driving  hours up for their logbooks. You could either get them to drive their car (or their parents) so you aren’t paying the insurance for under 25s or if you have the insurance, use your own. You aren’t acting as an instructor, rather just accompanying them like their parents would outside of professional lesson. Advertise on free sites like, Facebook or put flyers up in your local area.

2.Training buddy

Like to keep fit and work out? Lots of people want someone to train with someone so they stay motivated or are not as self conscious in a gym. Hiring a  pricey personal trainer for every session is always practical so consider renting  yourself out as  fitness buddy for regular gym workouts, spotting etc You get to train and get a small wage and may even make a lifelong friend.

3.Freelance Removalist

If you own a ute or trailer consider putting an add up to help people move house on the weekends or take away their rubbish for a fee. The amount of people that  also want to pick up second hand furniture but do not have the means or are unable to back a trailer is extremely common and if your rates are reasonable you are likely to get a lot of work. Advertise locally so you can manage your fuel costs better and keep your price down.

4. Sell Your Excess Fruit and Vegetables 

Do you have a veggie garden out the back that is overflowing with produce? Put them in freezer bags and  place a sign out the front of your house and sell cheaper than the supermarket. A packet of freezer bags is about 60 cents so if you sell your excess produce for a few dollars you just might do quite well! If it’s going to be a regular thing be sure to let the people who visit know and could  get their email address to let them know what you have excess of another time.

5.Census Collector

I did this last year in the NT counting the homeless. The first time it has ever been done. The money was good and the work was pretty simple. Just sitting down and assisting people to fill out the census form. Depending on the region you may just be required to drop off and pick up census forms. There is opportunity of travel to remote areas and a chance to get  a longer term of contract of work as they often need a few people to assist in planning meetings and data entry.

6. Nightclub photographer

You’ve’ seen the pictures on Facebook of plastered girls and guys with a wardrobe malfunction or  a gorgeous ‘selfie”  only to be destroyed by the idiot taking a whizz in the background. Why not offer a service to follow the girls around town and photograph their night for them? This is particularly good for significant birthdays such as 18ths, hens or bucks nights. All you really need is an iphone and a tolerance for drunks.

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