Friday, 19 April 2013

Save a tonne of cash on your weekly shop!

1.Set a budget. It is so important to know what you have to spend. Try going to the supermarket with CASH. That way if you cant pay for it with what you planned to spend-you don't get it. This will possibly force you to look harder for  cheaper options or alternatives. It takes practice, but practice WILL make perfect!

2. Menu plan. If you know what you are going to eat for the next week and buy all the ingredients for them, you won't overspend, impulse buy or have to waste time and money going back to the shops to get things you forgot. Another bonus? No wasted food. Try to choose recipes that you can make in bulk and freeze or use leftover ingredients to create another dish. Eg Buy a whole chicken and roast it for one night and use the left over chicken for sandwiches or a chicken soup for lunch the next day.

3.Write a shopping list and stick to it. No impulse buying!

4. Impulsive buyers, try to shop on line and have groceries delivered to prevent buying things you don't need.

5.Buy/use foods that are in season-they will be cheaper. 

6. Grow your own fruit and vegetables. You don't have to do this on a big scale. Having hanging pots of cherry tomatoes on your balcony or herbs on your kitchen window. At least you are saving $$$ with not buying them at the supermarket each time.

8. Try "no frills" brands. They will generally be cheaper than the fancy packaged brands and taste pretty much the same. The only ones I have come across that definitely are not the same quality are usually things like chocolate and tuna cans often have more liquid than tuna to meet the weight on the label.

9.Shop around for the best deals-read your junk mail. Junk mail is a great tool in making sure you get your moneys worth. Most things on special are usually perishables and not always the healthiest stuff but say bananas come on special, buy some and get baking. banana bread, muffins, banana split, snack as the fruit. So if an item comes on special google some recipes and see how you can make the most of it. You don't have to eat them all at once. muffins etc can be frozen and eating over the weeks/ months to come but you always have snacks ready to go in the freezer and you save money!

10. Utilize local fresh produce markets, butchers and bakeries. They will always have deals of the day or week. My local often puts beef mince on special if you buy two kilos you get it for $8.00! Now that's cheaper than the local supermarket.

11. Learn to cook and get creative, you may surprise yourself. There are so many free recipes online  like coles "feed your family under $10" other sites where you can try to make do with what is left in the cupboard.

12. Aquire a spice rack and add to it. you can do a lot of variations in your dishes when you have them. My family favourite is morrocan seasoning. I use it for roast chicken or add to beef/lamb with chilli or even apricot chicken for a slightly different but rich flavour.

13. Buying frozen vegetables if they are cheaper is not a bad option. Often these frozen veggies have a higher nutritional content anyway as they are frozen the moment they are picked and not sent on a truck interstate then hang out in your supermarket for a week. Often the frozen stuff lasts longer and usually pre cut meaning you can just chuck them in your stir fry or curry etc and cut down time on preparation at meal time! I find that I eat more veggies this way and there is nothing going funky in the crisper draw of my fridge.

13. Sugar and fat is not food. Buy things that are going to make you full and give you long term energy. If you don't you will end up buying more food anyway as you will be hungry. Always check the nutritional information on the backs of foods. Diet/Lite does not mean healthy. It can merely being "light in colour" or " low fat" Keep in mind while something is "low fat" it is often VERY high in sugar. A food product should be no more than 10% sugar. You are better off eating full fat food instead of high sugar food.

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