Sunday, 21 April 2013

Dear Husband

My hubby is a good man-Most days. He works very hard and is still supportive of all I do. But on those days when he can see it's been a bit of a challenge for me ???You better recognize!!!

Written on one of my more "challenging" days.

Dear Husband,

You know what?

I love being a stay at home mum and wife, I really do! But some days i would really love just five or ten minutes to myself to breath and clear my mind.

This is what happened yesterday.

You arrive home from work, acknowledge our son and proceed to flop on the couch. Meanwhile I am running around doing a range of tasks from feeding the dogs, preparing your lunch for tomorrow or serving up dinner.

The baby cries and you sit there on the couch and turn the volume up on the TV to drown out the noise. I look at you in disbelief. " Are you not going to pick him up? You can see I am busy."

Instead, you roll your eyes. You say, "Babe, I've been at work all day I just want to chill out."

Really? You want to play THAT card?

I swear because I am at home all day you must have thought that I have been "chilling out" all day myself!

I mean, can you see all the laundry I've done?No you can not because it is all folded and put away in your cupboard ready for you to wear.

I'm sorry, did you see all the dishes in the kitchen from all the cooking I did today? No probably not because the sparkling tiles and sink must have blinded you!

Now I am all for being the stay at home mum child raiser in my apron and hair curlers. Actually make that sweat pants and a pony tail, but the job title STAY AT HOME MUM does not just justify what I do.

You do not understand that I am at work 24/7.

 I take care of our house and baby (not hard) but I also manage three dogs, a facebook page, a blogging site and I also write articles from another website. Did I also mention I sell Avon?

Driven? Yes 

A little bit on the nutty side? Possibly
But we have had a hard run financially since I left work for us to start a family and I was not about to put all the pressure on you to bring in all the money and work extra shifts to pay the bills.

You think I am on the internet facebooking, but really I am comparing the interest rates of the banks to see if we can get a better deal on our loan. I am re-evaluating our monthly budget, peering through bloodshot eyes which are beautifully offset by the dark circles under them from getting three hours of sleep because of a teething baby.

I am always biting my tongue as the agreement between us was made before our son was born. I am the stepford wife (minus the rollers and pretty dress) and you are the breadwinner that slogs it out to support us.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE that I am not forced to go back to the real world of bosses and deadlines and am thrilled to be fortunate enough to be able to watch our son grown into the delightful little monster he is.

But truly, just spare me ten minutes of your time so that I can breathe and relax uninterrupted , without having to think. To "chill" because unlike you, I am going to do all the same things tomorrow and while my conversation buddy is adorable , he has the vocabulary of a parrot and after twelve hours of parrot talk mixed in with a few sleep fighting episodes, one can feel a LITTLE zombie like.

Also consider this. Once you go to bed to get your eight to nine hours sleep, I will still be up doing the dishes, restocking the change table , bagging my avon books, writing a shopping list and updating my various online jobs. 

I will then proceed to bed only to wake up two hours later to a restless baby, wrenching myself out of sleep to do yet another nappy change and  feed. If he is having a mischievously minded moment it will probably result in night time block playing session so his " I don't want to go to sleep" screams do not disturb your coma.

So next time you feel like telling me how tired you are, just remember how glamorous and dazzling my days are.....and shut your mouth.

Love you!

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