Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Make money from home with little or no outlay

In recent times the job market is becoming more competitive and jobs are not guaranteed. But don't despair, there are always little things you can do to help you towards a saving goal or even a brand new career! Below I have listed different ways to make anything from a few dollars all the way through to potentially starting your own empire! Who knows maybe one day this will be the view from your lounge room window :)

1. Completing online surveys. There are so many to choose from these days from Your Opinion, Toluna, Global Test Market andRewards Central. These companies are looking for people of all ages, incomes and employment and relationship status to complete surveys by companies. They pay anywhere from a few cents for survey through to about $5 per survey or issue you with points that can eventually be "cashed out" or used to purchase items online. To be successful at these surveys, you need to make sure your profiles are up to date so that you can receive surveys relevant to your lifestyle. Other things to consider are the amount of time you have to put in. Some surveys can take 4 minutes and others 30 minutes. The following are all free to join. See andGlobalTestMarket

2. Write for WeekendNotes. is a website that allows you to produce written articles on all the things to do in Australia and even some other countries (see website for details) You can also submit  reviews, stories and articles on a range of subjects. Earn money from people reading your articles. It is good to write as many articles as possible, but keep them interesting! That way each time an article is read it is generating money, even if you aren't currently working on another one as they all stay available. Get more reads of older articles by linking them in to your newer ones. Eg." I just love making these dog toys, for more ideas on how to entertain your dog see my article My dog is an energiser bunny"

3.Download the application Airtasker. Airtasker is relatively new application currently in NSW and Brisbane, however there are plans to expand into other states.   Airtasker lists random jobs that people need completed. A price is usually set, however you can choose to "bid" your own price to get awarded the job. These jobs can also be online jobs, so don't discount yourself just because you are not in the local area. They can be anything from data entry to waiting in line at a sale to buy someone a particular dress or concert tickets.

4. Write your own blog. The demand for people wanting to find out their information online is always increasing. Many stay at home mums now are creating blogs about motherhood and are getting many followers! Start keeping a blog about something you are interested in and see where it takes you. The money is not so much earned from your actual blog but by selling space for advertising. The more people that visit your blog the more likely you can get people to advertise on your site. You can also search for companies that pay you a commission for advertising and selling their products on your site. This is called affiliate marketing.

5. Enter competitions for magazines such as Take 5 and That's Life!Competitions such as writing holiday stories, Telling a sordid secret or even submitting photos of your pet or child can earn you anywhere from $50-$500 if published in the magazines.

6. Be a photographer for friends and families birthday parties or events. Even if you aren't great at taking photos you can jazz them up with tablet application such as Instagram or computer software, such as Adobe Photoshop. Charge a small fee for the day.

7. Deliver catalogues in your local neighbourhood. Go to the website of companies such as Deliver For Dollars and for more information.

8. Have your own ironing business. Lots of people these days are time poor and are looking for ways to make their life easier. Why not place an advertisement in your local paper, school newsletter or post flyers up around the shopping centre to do ironing? Set your own prices and be sure not to undersell yourself. You could charge per item or per basket.

9. Rent out space. Maybe you have a spare room in your house you could rent out to a uni student or some space in your shed that you could store someone's boat or valuables while they are away. Either way make sure you have a clear written agreement and you if renting out a room ensure you are familiar with tenants rights and responsibilities.

If you are renting out storage make sure that whoever you rent to understands that it is their obligation to have insurance on their belongings also.

10. Spring clean. Sometimes you just don't know what you have until you do a great big spring clean. Everything from excess furniture, clothes, books, kids toys, baby goods. It's all worth SOMETHING! List on free sites such as gumtree or local facebook trading sites such as "Adelaide Baby Bargains" or "Garage Sale" Also if the items are collectors pieces or worth that little bit more you could list them on eBay. See Gumtree and eBay.

Reputable Home Businesses

Lots of people like the option of working from home and there are a lot of home based businesses out there. Not every home based business is going to suit everyone so it is really important to do your research to discover what is going to work for you and your family. Try to choose something you could be passionate about or that you even have a background knowledge in. For example if you have always worked in the beauty industry, cosmetic companies such as Avon, Nutrimetics,and Mary Kay might be a good choice for you. 

Alternatively if you are not someone who likes doing the hard sell or bothering friends and family to gain a new stream of income, companies such as Homecare or Penny Miller might be a better option for you, with weekly catalogue drops and a commission made on whatever your customers order. 

You can choose full time or part time hours depending on how much time you have and do not have to worry about harassing family! 

There are plenty of other opportunities for home businesses but these will often have some sort of outlay to get started. You can always Google work from home opportunities but beware there are a LOT of scams out there, so make sure you do your research and live within If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is

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